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Board Committees

Board committees and task forces are appointed by and report to the Board of Directors.  Board committees and task forces reinforce the wholeness of the Board’s job without interfering with delegation from the Board to the chief executive officer. The principles for Board Committees and Task Forces are set out in policy GP-8 (of the Policy Governance Manual) and each has specific terms of reference; these are set out in sub-sections of policy GP- 9 (of the Policy Governance Manual).

Operational Committees

These committees support the chief executive officer in achieving the Ends by completing assigned charges. Committees maintain awareness of issues pertaining to the related Ends in order to assist in horizon-watching.


National Coordination Groups

Individuals from constituent associations working together with a sense of community to strengthen the profession.  Engineers Canada facilitates ongoing cooperation and collaboration through meetings, discussion and information-sharing on matters relevant to advancing the competency, integrity and public accountability of the profession.


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