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Consultation on Engineering Education and Accreditation

There are two consultations underway. One is to consider proposed criteria changes. The other is to better understand what the stakeholders require from the accreditation system.

  1. Forum on Accreditation

We invite all interested parties to attend the Forum on Accreditation on August 17 and 18, 2016 at the Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel, 901 Dixon Road, Toronto, ON.

The Forum will focus on clarifying a shared vision for the future of accreditation and will explore the roles of all stakeholders within an open and collaborative accreditation process. We are seeking input from a diversity of stakeholders to explore the issues and arrive at a viable way forward within an accreditation system that is well understood and broadly supported.

The outcome of accreditation is to ensure that engineers, graduates meet the academic requirements for admission to the profession, but there are many voices involved in how that needs to be done.  We want to hear as many voices as possible during this Forum.

While the Forum is open to all interested parties, we expect that the Engineers Canada Board, the Accreditation Board, engineering regulators, engineering deans, industry and engineering students to be represented amongst the 100 or so participants. The event is being guided by a professional facilitation team and is designed to support and capture the multiple points of view needed to help clarify a fresh approach for the future of accreditation.

We need leaders and decision makers at this event. Your participation will make a difference and we ask that you please make time to be part of creating a shared vision for a Canadian accreditation process that continues at the level of excellence for which it is known and that serves all of the stakeholders it impacts.

Please see the Final Agenda for information about the schedule for the Forum.

To ensure we consider all issues at the Forum, we invite you to provide comments through the online survey.

For more information and to register to attend the Forum, please follow this link: Forum on Accreditation.

Submissions on the Future of the Accreditation System:


  1. Consultation on proposed criteria changes

We are currently consulting on proposed changes to accreditation criteria for the 2017-18 cycle to inform the recommendations that the Accreditation Board will make to the Engineers Canada Board at the September 2016 Board meeting.

The consultation on proposed criteria changes conducted by Georges Lozano, MPA, CAE is now complete. Please see the Consultant’s Report on Proposed Criteria Changes.

Please submit additional comments for consideration to

Submissions on the Proposed Criteria Changes:


Additional References

Report of the Consultation Group (February 2016)

January 7, 2016 webinar documents

December 4, 2015 webinar documents

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For more information contact Lynn Villeneuve, Practice Lead, Accreditation at